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About us

Noor Ala Noor Company

In 1967,Noor ala Noor has been established as a private company of lighting and electrical accessories – a company that runs with the spirit of improvement .It is safe to say that today we view oneself as a leading institution in the Jordanian market due to our constant attention to high quality. Currently Noor ala Noor is one of the leading Jordanian Companies , specialized in supplying and installing Indoor and Outdoor Lighting fixtures, Furniture ,Energy saving solutions ,Wiring accessories , Lighting control systems, Smart Home systems, Green building solutions ,Fire alarm, Security and CCTV systems.
Years of Experience

Material Supply

Noor ala Noor supplies all products from the finest brands and factories both locally & all around the world at the fastest delivery schedule & the best service.

Supervision & Maintenance

Noor ala Noor has a team that ensures technical services are installed in the best way possible to achieve increased performance.


At Noor Ala Noor skilled engineers cooperate with architects and interior designers to design ideal furniture ,lighting solutions & automation using 3D visualizations & LUX calculations.